刺繡を主な表現方法とする現代美術作家。自身の企画による個展の他に、パルコや日本橋三越などの百貨店での企画展や地方自治体の企画によるアートイベント等に参加。BNN新社より出版されている書籍「STITCH SHOW」に、作品・インタビュー記事が掲載されている。


2018年より、一般社団法人 日本のこどもの合唱団(The Association of Japanese Children's Choir)の理事。


Tomomi Matsuyama

Fine Artist, Graphic Designer

Tomomi was born in Tokyo, Japan.

She holds exhibitions that showcase her own projects and occasionally joins special exhibitions at PARCO and Nihon-bashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo. She also participates in art events organized by the local government. Her work has appeared in "STITCH SHOW," a magazine published by BNN, Inc.

Her artwork plays with the themes "Eternal love from mother to child" and "Appreciation for nature." Her wish is that these themes will continue forever by future generations, and holds art installations using these themes in various cities. In recent years, she has also produced graphic works, making use of Japanese paintings. She uses people as her subject, those of whom she envisions during the creative process.

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Tomomi Matsuyama